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Oct 25
Mobile iPhone

Mobile App Development

Mobile app development for some time was ‘only’ ever done using native code, meaning iOS had a separate specific language to Android and thus it required two separate codebases in two different languages to have an App on both iOS and Android. Since then app frameworks have become a popular... read more →
Oct 12
Website Speed

Google PageSpeed

More and more website owners are pointing to their Google page speed score. See: The speed of your website is an extremely important factor, users will simply not use a slow website. Many do not realise Google page speed is not actually a complete indicator of speed. See Google... read more →
Sep 28

Why https?

Ever see the padlock next to the website address when you are doing your banking or shopping? Even worse – have you ever seen the warning showing a broken padlock? This is your browser telling you about how secure a page is. HTTPS or SSL is the secure protocol used... read more →
Sep 23

Why is your website a key tool?

We see too many Real Estate agents with the attitude that they do not worry about their website as they get most of their listing enquires from (REA). While REA is important to get enquiries on listings there are many reasons why your website is an extremely powerful online... read more →
Sep 17
TechEquipt Branding

Welcome TechEquipt

A first blog article of many. TechEquipt has formed to provide assistance around the web. The web is an extremely powerful tool and finding the best advice is not always easy. TechEquipt aims to take it to the next level and help you through the process, if you have questions... read more →