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Barry Plant

With a fully flexible block building system, Barry Plant can create their own dynamic real estate search pages, optimised for maximum SEO and property find-ability. The new website is built on modern, scaleable architecture, with the ability to handle any traffic potential property seekers can throw at it.

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TechEquipt assisted us through the process, challenging our own ideas, and helped shape our thinking to deliver a better outcome for our offices and clients.

- Doug Hutchinson (Chief Operating Officer)

About Barry Plant

Barry Plant are a network of around 75 offices, stretching across most of Victoria into South Australia - giving buyers more choice, and sellers and landlords more prospects. They have also obtained the top spot in numbers of properties sold for 10 years running.

The Problem

Their previous website was outdated, and the redevelopment of a responsive website was required to allow Barry Plant to service the high website traffic and diverse functionality that a large brand requires.

The Process and Challenges

The website design and base front-end code were handed over to TechEquipt, and we were tasked with the job of converting everything into a modern and scalable solution.

The build was a large undertaking, and for the most effective development process, the deliverables were split into achievable/phased pieces of work.

Working in partnership with Barry Plant, the design agency, and SEO consultants, TechEquipt successfully delivered a first-class website.

The Solution

A robust website ecosystem was created, and supports functions like:

  • Complex user-management and access
  • Individually managed websites for the 75+ offices, which formed a part of the greater Barry Plant website
  • The ability to not only create/edit content but to share content between the head office and individual office sections of the website
  • The ability for Barry Plant to create their own dynamic real estate search pages
  • Ongoing integration and data transfer with their existing listing management system
  • An extremely flexible block-based CMS infrastructure