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Website Development

Develop websites that are not only visually appealing but have high-quality code, security, maintainability, flexibility and scalability.


Search Engine Optimisation. Improve your organic ranking on Google. Be noticed.

Project Management

Spend more time working in the business and let us project manage your new website.

Web Design

Strengthen your brand while creating an impressive user experience. We provide custom designs unique to your company.


Search Engine Marketing. Become top spot on Google for the keywords you want.


Don’t create a website and leave it. Use analytics to see what is working and continually improve.


Help you ask the right questions through to creating a solid digital strategy. Use the correct building blocks, create a successful project.

Targeted Social Marketing

Let us manage your Facebook advertising and target your business to the correct people.

Web Hosting

Setup, maintenance, ongoing security updates.

% Dedication
% Focused
% Helpful
What we’re about

TechEquipt is about providing the best solution for the customer and executing.

From consulting to helping the client around their project management. TechEquipt is about finding and doing things the best way.

TechEquipt considers the items the client often does not think about including scalability, speed and security.

TechEquipt believes in ongoing relationships. A web project is not a case of set and forget. If you want a company that will look after you then please talk to TechEquipt.

Our Services

Our services include but are not limited to web consultancy, web development, web design, SEO, SEM, targeted social marketing, project management, API integration, responsive websites, KPI focused development, automation, web hosting, CMS utilisation, website speed, website security and cross-browser and cross-device display.

Talk to TechEquipt if you feel we could be of assistance. If we are not the correct fit we will be upfront as we know at TechEquipt every job can require a different skill set. We certainly have a broad skillset.


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