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Zango is a system truly built to scale, and a burgeoning player in the Canberra real estate market. TechEquipt’s involvement in the project include a website, agent dashboard, internal management tools, and native mobile apps connecting countless different systems.

TechEquipt were instrumental in the creation of Zango, and continue to maintain and grow the platform, along with the internal development team.

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About Zango

Zango is a revolutionary real estate portal in Canberra, and they are shaking up the property listing market with a locally owned and run platform that delivers hot new listings, better value, relevant local insights and an exciting way to connect with more homes, buyers, sellers, renters and landlords.

Zango sets itself apart by working alongside local agents and businesses, to better meet their needs with a unique Canberran feel, unlike the market competition, who are mostly owned and operated by nationally focused companies.  Zango is aiming to transform Canberra’s real estate industry.

Zango also assists in the Canberra community with sponsorship of the Canberra Raiders Rugby League team, the Canberra Braves Ice Hockey team and the Zango Futsal cup.

The Problem

Zango was built as a startup in an already busy marketplace, with an opportunity provide a unique solution to finding and selling property through a personal approach.

The existing market meant the technical solution needed to be extensive, scalable, and competitive.

The Process and Challenges

Zango was built from the ground up, utilising TechEquipt’s extensive knowledge in real estate technology. The project not only included web but iPhone and Android apps. With the scale of the build, TechEquipt paired with Zango technical staff, and worked alongside other specialty developers to get the project setup quickly and completely. The knowledge and skill-sharing experienced through the process were invaluable, and working as part of a larger team is always rewarding.

The initial build and ongoing product development with Zango are managed through an agile process, using sprints to make the project more manageable, and to allow the team to ship high quality work fast and frequent.

The Solution

The product includes native mobile applications, countless rich data source integrations, and fast, reliable property data feeds. Zango is built to scale on AWS infrastructure, and is tried and tested through both internal and external load and penetration testing.