Nov 27

SportsCard. New online sports platform.

A startup involving the previous General manager of the Sydney Sports Incubator as well as a successful player-manager, managing a number of international professional athletes. “Sportscard is about promoting kids and adults’ activity in all sports through positive encouragement and support from family, friends, and the wider sports community together.... read more →
Jul 19

A Real Estate website journey. is a new dynamic Real Estate website designed and developed by TechEquipt. What were the important steps of this website journey and what can we can learn from them? This website is a unique responsive website that is both on brand and meets key business objectives. Here we will... read more →
May 26
Mar 22
Mar 18
Mar 11
Feb 05
API Data Sharing

The power of an API simplified!

API stands for application programming interface. It is essentially a way for developers to obtain specific raw data from various sources and create software and apps to: 1. Share data automatically that you would have previously had to data enter - E.g. your CRM could share contacts with your marketing... read more →
Jan 15
Jan 03
Website ideas

New year, new website?

With a new year, there is often an analysis of what was done well last year and what was not done so well. With this comes planning, new goals, strategies and projects. Your website is one of the critical business elements that will come under the spotlight. Did your website... read more →
Dec 13